Environmental Policy

Committed to the care of the environment, prevention of pollution and to continually improve the quality of their products, services and environmental performance

H+S is committed to the care of the environment, prevention of pollution and to continually improve the quality of their products, services and environmental performance. H+S has begun the process of implementing a documented Environmental Management System.

H+S will always meet the specified requirements of their customers and seek to exceed their expectations. The organisation ensures that all their activities are carried out in compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements and meets or where possible exceeds the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 environmental standards.

The following key activities have been identified as significant:


H+S is committed to minimising their consumption of non-renewable energy sources and to continually research alternative sources and technology to reduce consumption of energy across all activities.


H+S works to minimise the waste it generates and associated environmental impacts by seeking opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover otherwise redundant resources. H+S is aware that it produces some waste classified as hazardous and has procedures in place to ensure the safe and correct identification, handling and disposal of such waste.


H+S is aware of the environmental impacts of their transport operations including air freight and air travel, and seeks ways to reduce them wherever practical through the use of sustainable transport options and IT solutions.


H+S is committed to the ongoing comprehensive training and education of their staff so that the company can continue to provide the most appropriate advice and services.


H+S works to ensure that the products, services and materials which it purchases are as sustainable as practical.


H+S is committed to the continual measurement and monitoring of its carbon footprint and will seek to reduce this footprint through a carbon management programme.

H+S has introduced systems that will set, achieve and review measurable environmental objectives. The directors will provide appropriate resources as required in order to enable the company to meet these objectives.

All staff are made aware of the aims and objectives of the Environmental Management System and associated Operating Procedures and are expected to adhere to its requirements. Everyone is encouraged to suggest ways in which the Environmental Management System can be improved. Where appropriate sub-contractors and visitors to H+S are required to acknowledge and adhere to the company’s Environmental Policy and relevant operating procedures.

H+S communicates its Environmental Policy to all staff through notice boards, team meetings, staff induction and training. It is available to all stakeholders through the H+S website and forms part of all client contracts.