Component Repair Services

Extensive in-house, one-stop shop for component repair activities

H+S Component Repair Services has developed an extensive in-house, one-stop shop for component repair activities, supporting our internal H+S business unit overhaul and repair services and our own external customers alike.


Housed in modern facilities our highly skilled engineering employees are dedicated solely to component repair. Our component repair engineers are focused on creating high quality, robust repair processes by perfecting durable and cost effective repairs which will genuinely reduce maintenance costs to preserve the balance between shop visit cost and in-service reliability of our customers engines, APU’s and engine accessories.

With the vast majority of repair activity conducted in-house we maintain control of our product and are able to control cost and turntime. We also have the expertise to evaluate how our repairs influence in-service reliability and maintenance costs.

After many years experience we still maintain component repair capability for Rolls-Royce Dart RDa7 and RDa10 engine series parts.

H+S Component Repair Services remains a market leader in providing world class component repairs which will save you money.

Process Capability

  • In-house repair development engineering
  • Cleaning processes
  • Non destructive testing - level I/II and III
  • Static/Dynamic balancing
  • Vacuum brazing & heat treatment
  • Welding
  • Sheetmetal work
  • Manual and automated machining
  • Thermally applied coatings
  • Protective paint coatings
  • Laboratory services